Are you using these 10 words correctly?

It’s not alright…ah…all right…to make these mistakes: Ahold: Either it’s two words (I’ll get a hold of him later) or it’s simply hold (Get hold of yourself!) Alot: It’s two words. (A lot of people forget that.) Alright: All right is always two words. Being that: Since or because is what you want to use. Irregardless: This isn’t a word. The word you want is regardless. Off of: Drop the of. (Get off the stick!) Orientate: Sounds like it should be important, but it’s just plain wrong. Try orient. Preventative: To avoid an unnecessary syllable, use preventive measures. Seeing that: When writing, use since or because instead of this. Til: This is always incorrect. Use until or till.

5 Hints to Help You Simmer Before Sending

In a recent post, I talked about how easy it is to misunderstand the tone and intent of email without the verbal and body language cues we pick up when talking in person. As a result, it’s easy to feel defensive and respond hastily to business emails. Sometimes, there is just too much at stake, so I suggest you simmer before sending, and further that you: First, re-read or reconsider the email, Most importantly, take some time to compose one’s self before writing, and especially sending, a response. Take a walk or switch to another project briefly to clear your head. When reviewing your message, watch for inflammatory wording. Try to replace it with a more positive, reconstructive approach.

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