What Impresses Employers Most in Your Writing: Three Top Tips

Sure, most employers find value in the performance of employees, such as showing responsibility, skill and loyalty to the company. But there are many instances in which employees—or candidates hoping to become employees at a company—must use their writing skills to impress employers. In fact, a 2010 MetLife Survey revealed that 97% of executives rated strong writing skills as essential or very important. In a time in which we fire off emails and tweets with few words, and often with too little thought or preparation, it takes self-discipline to put time and effort into business writing. Whether you are seeking job opportunities or writing to customers and potential investors on behalf of yo

Be On the Ball for Idioms in Business Writing

Idioms are expressions for which a reader can’t easily predict the meaning by combining the meaning of the individual words alone. For example, the expression “jump through hoops” might create a nice visual, but it doesn’t literally mean that a person has to jump through a hula hoop to get the bosses at corporate to approve a new project. A nonnative English speaker doesn’t get that nuance. The only way to really understand an idiom’s meaning is to place it in context and be familiar with the phrase. Idioms are important for nonnative English speakers to grasp to avoid confusion and literal translations, but also to use correctly in their own writing. Misuse of idioms and a total lack of idi

Zombie Grammar Rules

Zombies and Grammar? Color me interested! Zombie Grammar Rules: How to Handle the Walking Dead of Content Creation

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