Struggle with Writing? Try Idea Mapping

Writing comes more easily for some than others. And many struggling business writers freeze when faced with a crucial or large writing task. What's more, we all learn and perform better with different styles. Verbal learners likely struggle less with writing, for example. They prefer words and linguistics, and probably learn a new language quickly. Logical, or mathematical, learners use logic and structure. Visual learners rely on images and pictures, even if those pictures are internalized. Idea mapping can help business writers with visual learning styles by providing a graphic or picture on which to outline thoughts and ideas. As a result, their writing flows more smoothly and logically.

Keep it "Short and Sweet" in Business Writing

Writing with clarity is essential, but writing with brevity is more difficult, especially in business writing. For example, a manager might be so concerned about covering all bases that he or she uses too many words or vague sentences and concepts. Sure, it's important that business writing be accurate, but it's also important to keep communications brief. The average attention span of adults is now about eight seconds. Whether we chalk this up to social media or the sensory bombardment of technology, we can only do so much to fight it. Successful business communicators must adapt and learn how to communicate spoken and written messages that are concise and on topic. Writing concisely doesn'

Misunderstandings in Email Messages

Instantaneous messages on social media or through email can be fraught with errors and create misunderstandings. Learning to write effectively for business is so important largely because written messages lack the nuances of volume, tone, facial gestures and body language. Today, we use email to communicate about all sorts of important matters. The context of messages can contain hidden – or obvious – emotional undertones. Readers of email messages can easily misinterpret tone or nuances. For example, it's not a good idea for business writers to attempt jokes in email messages. Picture your favorite comedian: His or her best jokes combine funny words and concepts with dead-on delivery. Email

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