Bad Writing Costs Billions

It warms the cockles of my heart when I see other writers stand up against bad writing! You have heard me say it forever—writing is the costliest of all workplace activities. Good writing means more $$ in the “P” of the P&L statement. Bad writing costs—big time! For example, Loss of revenue from a poorly written proposal. Loss of clients from rude or disinterested employees who don’t remember or care who they are writing to. Loss of productivity due to confusing, incomplete emails that require rework and time. Think of all the places within your organization where the written word impacts your company’s image—website, white papers, customer-facing communications, emails, status reports—the

Five Tips for Employee Email Success

The days of the employee memo are gone, but email is alive and well as a critical means of internal communication. If you send an email, you want to make sure it’s read – all the way through. Try these four tips for making sure your internal messages get through. 1. Spend time crafting the subject line. The only way employees can read your message is if they open it in the first place! We can’t emphasize enough how important it is to create a clear, concise and action-oriented subject line. Something vague like “For all employees” or “Benefit information” doesn’t cut it. Learn more about crafting subject lines in past Business Writing That Counts! blog posts. 2. Don’t forget the From: line.

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