Is Writing Still Relevant?

Concerns about decreasing attention spans, largely from technology, social media and multitasking, can send communication folks into a spiral. Is video really taking over written content? Has technology made writing obsolete? I would argue a resounding NO! GOOD writing is more important than ever. And on the other hand, poor writing could be costing businesses billions of dollars a year. Take email as an example – managers often must compose responses to bosses, employees or customers without the review of a communications professional. And they often compose email or social media posts in a hurry. That's because technology has not only shortened our attention spans, but created a sense of i

First Impressions—Even Virtual Ones—Are Important!

As Will Rogers said, "You never get a second chance to make a first impression." And training in networking or other interpersonal skills often focuses on how to improve that first handshake, introduction or the beginning of a presentation. First impressions also count in writing. And especially in email messages, which can be the virtual versions of meeting someone for the first time. Your emails can affect your professional reputation positively or negatively. Let's look at a few tips for making a positive first impression in email, adapted from this Harvard Business Review article by Shani Harmon. Brevity The average adult attention span is about 8 seconds, so it's important to keep your

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