Hold the Phone! Or at Least Follow These Business Etiquette Tips

Your mobile phone is always at your side, and at your colleagues' sides. With increasing dependence on mobile phones and expectations of instant replies, how do you use your mobile phone in business to enhance, rather than detract from, your communications and professional image? Here are a few tips for making sure your mobile phone works for – and not against – you in business communication. Cell Phone Calls Mind your ringtone. It's standard to silence your phone for business meetings, but if you forget, everyone present can hear your ring. Even in informal business situations, your favorite hip-hop tune doesn't go down well. Keep ring tones professional, not cute, cheesy, annoying or overl

How to Write Better Sentences

We talk a lot in Business Writing That Counts! about words, grammar and punctuation. Today, I want to talk about the sum of those parts – the individual sentence. And it's tough to have good paragraphs, pages or reports without good sentences throughout! So, what makes a sentence work for your business writing? First, there is more to writing good sentences than mastery of grammar and punctuation, although without those working for you, clarity and professionalism fly out the window. Sentence length Second, consider sentence length. I often see suggestions of average word count and limit, such as 10 to 12 words on average and an absolute maximum of about 32 words. To me, the optimal sentence

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