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Do you want to:

  • Create documents that reflect your professionalism?

  • Break old writing habits that get in the way?

  • Write sales and marketing copy that really sells?

  • Cut down on your writing time?

  • Produce documents that get read?

  • Stop circling the computer and get writing?

  • Say what you mean in written communication?

  • Know the latest about e-biz writing?


This practical guide to writing, unlike any other in its field, will show you how to write with ease and confidence. Author Dr. Julie Miller details a simple but proven system anyone can use to move from initial idea to preliminary outline to finished piece. Geared toward busy people who need to produce a polished product quickly, Business Writing That Counts! is full of practical tools, an e-biz section, apropos quotes, and some very funny writing. 


A special section, Business Writing That Sells!, will show you how to sell better, sell more, and sway opinion!


With Business Writing That Counts!, readers get to have a good time and put their fear of writing behind them once and for all!


Fifth Edition
Book Publishers Network, 2010
Author: Dr. Julie Miller

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