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Take Your Writing to the Next Level!




2 hours


About the Course

In today's competitive market, your readers are keeping score. A lack of clarity or failing to engage your reader guarantees your message goes to the bottom of the pile. Go beyond the level you are now and learn techniques that the professionals use. The result will be writing that targets your reader so that your message comes through loud and clear.

Make your letters, manuals, newsletters, proposals, and emails grab attention with sharp and shiny sentences. From simple rules that guarantee simplicity to proofing your work for error-free documents, you will gain career-enhancing skills. Nothing is more essential in improving your writing than to have someone guide you along the way.

At the completion of this course, you will receive a personalized feedback letter from one of our writing coaches, outlining your writing strengths and challenges based on this course. You will learn how to:

-Reduce your sentences by eliminating unnecessary words that muddy the message
-Write with sentence variety for more interesting content
-Avoid time-consuming rewrites
-Know why there and passive verbs drag down your writing
-Apply readability statistics to all your documents
-Target your reader with the right message

Your Instructor

Marcus Harris

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Marcus Harris
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