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Writing Tools That Count!




2 hours


About the Course

The competition is fierce. Your clients are spending less and expecting more. As a result, you need to produce more powerful and compelling documents in less time than ever.

This interactive self-study course presents a unique three-step numbering system that can be used no matter what you have to write. Along with strategies to create clearer, simpler and more compelling documents, you will learn how to get writing immediately.

Value to YOU: Nothing is more essential in improving your writing than to have someone guide you along the way. That's what our writing coaches do!

At the completion of this course, you will receive a personalized feedback letter from one of our writing coaches, outlining your writing strengths and challenges based on this course.

You will learn how to:
-Use an easy numbering system for writing logical, clear communications
-Write effective messages that motivate the reader to act
-Present ideas so readers cannot possibly misunderstand
-Unpack your ideas logically to shorten response time

Your Instructor

Brian Chung

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Brian Chung
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