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Business Writing Workshops

Interactive, fast-paced, and comprehensive . . . our workshops are tailor-made to meet the needs of your organization—either via a webinar or in—person we deliver results.
Workshop Titles

Whether you are looking for:

  • multi-session LIVE webinars

  • on-site -- when circumstances allow

our programs are energetic, information-filled—and dare we say . . . fun?!


A variety of topics allow writers to choose those that will give them the confidence to quickly write compelling, effective documents. Time-tested, backed by sound research, and proven with our Fortune 500 clients, our programs present writing strategies that can be applied immediately to any writing project.

Business Writing That Counts!

BWTC workshop

Produce more powerful documents and spend less time doing them. Learn our unique three-step numbering system that shortens turn-around time and works every time for every kind of writing—from business emails to concise memos, performance reviews to lengthy proposals. You will improve your writing skills, fill in skill gaps, and increase productivity in this practical, interactive, and highly engaging workshop. (From half-day to full-day--you decide.)


You will learn to:


  • Streamline the writing process from inception to document completion

  • Analyze the reader for appropriate messaging and tone

  • Eliminate overworked and tired phrasing

  • Write with clarity and conciseness

  • Increase productivity and decrease rework

  • Polish your professional image

  • Write compelling client documents that get results

BWT&T Workshop

Tips and Trends in Business Writing

The course is designed for busy professionals who want to improve their writing clarity to be more efficient and effective. This half-day, interactive workshop offers you hands-on opportunities to refresh skills and learn new techniques.


You will learn how to:


  • Recognize communication logjams: Jargon, clichés, passive voice

  • Apply effective word choice and parallel structure

  • Use modern grammar rules to make writing more readable

  • Stay reader-focused

  • Develop courteous and respectful communication

Advanced Writing That Counts!

Advanced Writing That Counts!

For those experienced writers who must write about complex ideas to a variety of readers, this workshop focuses on how to sharpen your writing skills. Emphasis is on understanding which strategies to employ to convince a particular audience to heed your message.


Techniques for creating the appropriate tone and style and developing different types of documents in professional contexts will be addressed. This course involves bringing your current documents to class. (Half-day to full-day)


You will learn how to:.


  • Apply writing strategies to convey style and tone

  • Plan, draft, and structure business communications to meet the readers' needs

  • Manipulate language for the desired results

  • Analyze the audience and its expectations

  • Write compelling messages that get results

Email Writing That Counts!

Email Writing That Counts!

Do you stare at the screen trying to get organized and get writing? Do you write business emails that you later cringe at? Do you waste too much time responding to emails? If so, this workshop will provide invaluable tips and techniques that save organizing and writing time both on the sending and receiving end of this essential business communication tool. (Half-day to full-day)


You will learn how to:


  • Utilize time management strategies to optimize email flow

  • Know the importance of the reader and tone

  • Quickly generate clear, concise emails

  • Make the message easily accessible with easy-to-read, eye-appealing layouts

  • Review the rules of email etiquette that create a professional image

  • Write with impact to get the results you want

Report Writing That Counts

Report Writing That Counts!

Looking for strategies that will produce meaningful and pertinent business reports? Sometimes feel frustrated over the time report-writing requires? Ever struggle to organize and present the material needed?


In this workshop, learn how to quickly organize and present information in reports and adjust tone to create the most effective impact for your reader. You will practice strategies that will simplify your writing efforts and make documents crisp, clear, and focused. (One or two days)


You will learn how to:


  • Identify the purpose of the document

  • Adjust content to meet the reader's requirements

  • Use Idea Mapping to gather pertinent report information

  • Apply a powerful organizing tool to quickly present facts logically and clearly

  • Use refinement tools to polish the final written report

Technical Writing That Counts!

Technical Writing That Counts!

Technical writing occurs in all different modes. It may consist of content for a new product design, developer instructions for a new program, or modifications to new banking laws. All require that you write clearly, concisely, and cogently because good writing is good writing no matter what written form is used.


This technical-writing workshop is designed for both technical and non-technical professionals who must produce high-quality and high-impact technical documents as part of their work. You will learn how to communicate complex information to user and non-user alike. You will discover time-saving strategies and techniques to take your writing to the next level. (One to two days)


You will learn how to:


  • Apply graphic organizers to reduce writing time

  • Change complex technical information into understandable prose

  • Identify characteristics of outstanding technical writing

  • Understand the different needs for different readers

  • Consistently apply steps for successful technical writing, including planning, writing and revising

  • Apply techniques that give impact and grab the reader's attention

  • Eliminate jargon, redundancy, wordiness, and passive voice from written text

  • Write concisely and minimize sentence length without losing content efficacy

Specialized Workshops

Specialized Workshops

Let us build a course that specifically meets your needs. Contact us at 425.485.3221 or

I love Dr. Miller's class. I think we should provide this to all new associates. She makes writing so much easier!

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