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Book Ideas for Writers

As the New Year gets into full swing, here are two great books to have on your shelf. These work for writers and those aspiring to improve their business writing or prose.

One is “Gwynne’s Grammar: The Ultimate Introduction to Grammar and the Writing of Good English” (Knopf). Making the case to a return to the “serious business” of good grammar, N.M. Gwynne offers a short, but helpful book on grammar rules and construct.

If you take a different approach, Steven Pinker’s “Sense of Style” (Viking Adult) is much less a manual about grammar and much the application of mind and language to good prose. Pinker suggests writers take a look at classic style manuals, but that in this century, it is more important to learn how to write better to get their messages across effectively more than over concern of grammar.

Also, you might want to try your hand at journaling. Try a beautifully bound one, especially if you are planning a trip or a new adventure. Old-fashioned typewriters are in fashion again, and could inspire a budding writer simply by sitting on the desk next to the computer.

If you want to go high tech, try an app such as RedNotebook, designed especially for journaling. And tablets now have writing apps for people who want to save ideas more easily than in notes.

And if you have an aspiring writer who works for you and who could use a little extra help, encourage your charge’s passion and skills, and your company likely will benefit. Add tuition reimbursement for a night class at your local community college to the worker’s holiday bonus, or contact us at Business Writing That Counts! to learn more about our one-on-one Writing Coaching services.

Here's to 2015!

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