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Struggle with Writing? Try Idea Mapping

Writing comes more easily for some than others. And many struggling business writers freeze when faced with a crucial or large writing task. What's more, we all learn and perform better with different styles.

Verbal learners likely struggle less with writing, for example. They prefer words and linguistics, and probably learn a new language quickly. Logical, or mathematical, learners use logic and structure. Visual learners rely on images and pictures, even if those pictures are internalized.

Idea mapping can help business writers with visual learning styles by providing a graphic or picture on which to outline thoughts and ideas. As a result, their writing flows more smoothly and logically.

No matter your learning style, however, idea mapping can help you tackle writing projects. When you step away from the keyboard and turn to images, you free your mind for creative approaches, brainstorming, and seeing the task from an entirely new perspective.

Here's how it works: Starting with a blank sheet, list your main idea in the center. For example, maybe you're writing a white paper for your company about its sustainability efforts. That's your main idea. Next, ask yourself a few questions from the readers' point of view and map points that answer those questions. For example, will both customers and employees read the paper? What sustainability achievements are most important to each audience?

By drawing lines from your main point to other ideas in the map, you can visualize the major points and ideas that answer readers' questions and best address your main point.

Idea mapping can be a group or individual project, and helps with writing, developing strategies and planning projects.

Check out our Idea Mapping online course for more information about this valuable tool.

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