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Bad Writing Costs Billions

It warms the cockles of my heart when I see other writers stand up against bad writing! You have heard me say it forever—writing is the costliest of all workplace activities.

Good writing means more $$ in the “P” of the P&L statement. Bad writing costs—big time! For example,

  • Loss of revenue from a poorly written proposal.

  • Loss of clients from rude or disinterested employees who don’t remember or care who they are writing to.

  • Loss of productivity due to confusing, incomplete emails that require rework and time.

Think of all the places within your organization where the written word impacts your company’s image—website, white papers, customer-facing communications, emails, status reports—the list goes on. Each of those can either make or break your image, reputation, and revenue.

I was pleased to read an article written by Josh Bernoff, a professional writer, technology analyst and author of three books. He takes solid aim at bad writing. He states that terrible writing costs American businesses nearly $400 billion yearly! Not a surprise here!

That’s the message I try to deliver to my clients—take time to get your employees’ writing up to speed. It will be the best ROI you can get from a training!

So in that spirit, feel free to explore the business writing programs we have—from tip cards, to webinars, to online courses to on-site sessions. We have a plethora of offerings for all budgets and needs. And, remember, we don't do shelf-ware, all is tailored around your goals!

Here’s to good writing!

Contact us today at425-485-3221 or and start saving your company money!

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