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Our nationally recognized webinars teach compelling, powerful writing techniques that prevent mistakes and take your skills to the next level.
Young Business Executive Using Laptop

Young Business Executive Using Laptop

Tips and Trends In Business Writing

Confused Man Using Computer

Confused Man Using Computer

Business English Essentials *NEW*

Business English Essentials *NEW*

For Non-Native Speakers

"Didn't You Get My Email?"

"Didn't You Get My Email?"

Crafting Emails That Stand Above the Noise*

Business Writing That Counts!

Business Writing That Counts!

A Two-Part Series

Dismantling the Language Barrier

Dismantling the Language Barrier

Navigating Workplace Communication Challenges

Email Best Practices

Email Best Practices

Power, Peril, and Productivity*

Grammar That Counts!

Grammar That Counts!

Secrets of Great Presentations

Secrets of Great Presentations

Passion, Power, and Persuasion*

Negotiate Your Deal Through Email

Negotiate Your Deal Through Email

Learn the Keys to Effective Email Negotiation

Avoid Email Snafus

Avoid Email Snafus

Increase Your Effectiveness and Decrease Your Stress

Death By PowerPoint

Death By PowerPoint

Your Slideshow is NOT a Teleprompter!

Punctuation That Counts!

Punctuation That Counts!

Catch Your Mistakes Before Your Readers Do!

Give Your Elevator Speech a Lift!

Give Your Elevator Speech a Lift!

Writing That Sells!

Writing That Sells!

How to Influence and Persuade on Paper

Tips and Trends in Business Writing

Learn what's new and current in business communication!

This webinar is designed for busy professionals who want to improve their writing clarity, and be more efficient and effective. This hour-long webinar shares the latest trends in business writing.  


You will:

  • Learn common communication logjams: Jargon, clichés, passive voice

  • Review effective word choice and parallel structure

  • Use modern grammar rules to make writing more readable

  • Know how to keep your writing reader-focused

  • Use the most up-to-date trends for respectful communication

Speaker: Dr. Julie Miller, author of Business Writing That Counts! 

Tips and trends
BEE webinar

Business English Essentials

For Non-Native Speakers

Consider this: one of every 33 people on the planet now works in a nation other than the one in which they were born. Imagine having to write complex topics in your non-native tongue. That’s tough enough, but when it’s the English language in the world for business communication, matters can get even more challenging.


Developed specifically for those working in English-speaking environments who desire to write more effectively and clearly, our webinar helps professionals succeed in today’s business world.


In this webinar, you will learn how to:

  • Achieve clarity and avoid common English usage errors

  • Improve fundamental business writing skills

  • Reduce errors in use of nouns and verbs

  • Ensure that words and idioms are used correctly

  • Develop confidence in your ability to communicate professionally

  • Avoid common English usage errors

  • Proofread and edit with greater ease

  • Enhance your productivity and job performance


Available as a stand-alone webinar or as a package.*


Speaker: Dr. Julie Miller, author of Business Writing That Counts!


*Package includes webinar, quiz, tip card, and personal one-on-one coaching. Learn more or contact us now for more information.

get my email webinar

Didn't You Get My Email?

Crafting Emails That Stand Above the Noise

Poorly written emails damage relationships, ruin sales opportunities, and prevent your upward mobility. Every email you send is being scrutinized. Avoid writing emails you cringe at later by crafting compelling messages that are read and acted upon.


This webinar focuses on proven writing strategies that help you deliver clear, succinct, and professional emails. You will learn tips and techniques to boost your credibility and get the outcome you intended.


In this webinar, you will also:

  • Learn what words impact your email's tone

  • Understand why subject lines are the key to productivity

  • Practice revising your writing for clarity

  • Frame your words to compel the reader to act

  • Understand reader-focused writing

  • Know the five don'ts in any email


Speaker: Dr. Julie Miller, author of Business Writing That Counts!

bwtc webinar

Business Writing That Counts!

A series

Consumers and businesses are spending less. Competition is fierce and the cost of poor writing is an expense your business can no longer afford. You need employees who produce more powerful and compelling documents in less time.


You will improve your writing skills, fill in skill gaps, and increase productivity in this practical, interactive webinar series. First, learn the fastest organizing, getting-started tool on the planet. Second, learn a time-tested strategy to logically unpack messages.


In this multi-session series, you will learn to:


  • Streamline the writing process from inception to document completion

  • Analyze the reader for appropriate messaging and tone

  • Write with clarity and conciseness

  • Increase productivity and prevent rework

  • Polish their professional image

  • Write compelling documents that get the desired action


Note: Each session is approximately 75-90 minutes in length.


A workbook accompanies this course and some application between sessions may be required. Feeback on your writing is part of the great value for participants!


Speaker: Dr. Julie Miller, author of Business Writing That Counts!

language barrier

Dismantling the Language Barrier:

Navigating Workplace Communication Challenges

Commerce has officially gone global and taken English with it. While your firm may or may not do business in other countries, you are no less required to communicate with people from other countries. If English is their second language, these encounters can be frustrating, take time, cost money, and lose clients. Learn how to break down the barrier that is created when you're communicating with someone who speaks a different language. Save time, save money, and save your reputation!


In this webinar, you will learn:

  • The Top Ten Don'ts when communicating with a non-native English speaker

  • What to do when someone doesn't understand you

  • What to do when you don't understand someone's English

  • What societal references to avoid


Speaker: Teresa Romaneschi, ESL Expert

email best practices webinar

Email Best Practices:

Power, Peril, and Productivity

Email has become the single most important communication vehicle in business today. In fact, last year American businesses sent 2.7 trillion emails. We are addicted to its speed and convenience, but has your organization mastered the correct use of the tool?


Setting standards on how to communicate via email will set your company apart from your competition. How? All messages and interactions from your employees will be top-notch and consistent with your company's brand.

In this webinar, you will also learn:

  • Email Do's and Don'ts

  • How to create attention-getting subject lines

  • The three Ps to email protocol

  • What your greetings, closings, and signature blocks say about your company

  • Best practices of email etiquette

  • Productivity strategies to control the Inbox chaos


Speaker: Dr. Julie Miller, author of Business Writing That Counts!

Get a Grip With Grammar That Counts!

gtc webinar

Always present yourself in the best light possible by ensuring your documents are grammatically correct. Eliminate writing-related worry. Get a grip on the most important grammar rules—the ones that really count.


Be it email, newsletters, or annual reports, grammatical mistakes hurt your reputation. Learn techniques to fine-tune any document and review the most important principles behind business writing. Your goal is to deliver quality products and services—make certain all your written communications have the same polish.


In this webinar, you will learn to:

  • Recognize and prevent the ten most common grammatical errors

  • Apply tips to remember long-forgotten grammar rules

  • Increase clarity through proper word usage

  • Upgrade the quality of your business writing

  • Reduce grammar frustration and anxiety


Speaker: Dr. Julie Miller, author of Business Writing That Counts!

presentation webinar

Secrets of Great Presentations:

Passion, Power, and Persuasion

Great presentations don't just happen. To be an excellent speaker you need a generous dose of passion, planning, and persuasive language that will take your audience where you want them to go.


In this session, you will learn tips, tools, and strategies for:

  • Identifying your key audiences and how to connect with them

  • Adding stories to reinforce your key points

  • Creating compelling introductions and conclusions

  • Adjusting, in real time, to the needs of your audience

  • Calming your nerves and staying relaxed and confident


Speaker: Lorraine Howell, author of Give Your Elevator Speech a Lift!


negotiate email webinar

Negotiate Your Deal through Email:

Learn the Keys to Effective Email Negotiation

Fifty percent of all email negotiations end without reaching a deal… make sure yours gets done! Learn the strategy and tactics you need to effectively resolve your email negotiation. You will gain the tools you need to deliver the right message to your prospect during every step of the email negotiation process. This powerful webinar combines techniques from guest negotiation expert, Jeanette Nyden, and our business writing guru, Dr. Julie Miller.


Our virtual classroom teaches your employees a unique three-step numbering system that guarantees shorter turn-around time and works for every kind of writing—from quick emails and concise memos to performance reviews and lengthy proposals.


In this webinar, you will learn to:

  • Persuade using both strong negotiating and good writing techniques

  • Choose an effective and appropriate tone for email negotiations

  • Convey the proper intent for maximum impact

  • Transform sloppy and ineffective emails into powerful negotiations


Speakers: Dr. Julie Miller, author of Business Writing That Counts!

Jeanette Nyden, author of Negotiation Rules! A Practical Approach to Big Deal Negotiations

ppt webinar

Punctuation That Counts:

Catch Your Mistakes Before Your Readers Do!

Punctuation mistakes cost time, money, and productivity. Case in point: In 2006 an errant comma in a contract cost a Canadian company $2 million!


Prevent rogue punctuation marks from making their way into your writing. Put your best foot forward with techniques that produce error-free emails, reports, and memos. Immediately improve your writing skills in this interactive webinar.


In this webinar you will learn to:

  • Use new approaches to de-mystify an old topic

  • Improve writing clarity through accurate punctuation

  • Use punctuation to influence tone

  • Apply quick proofreading tips to catch common punctuation errors


Speaker: Dr. Julie Miller, author of Business Writing That Counts!

elevator speech

Give Your Elevator Speech a Lift!

Every business professional and entrepreneur needs a clear, concise, and memorable answer to the question "What do you do?" In this shifting and complex business climate, you must be able to articulate your value in the marketplace. Learn guest expert Lorraine Howell's proven method for crafting your own engaging and memorable "elevator speech."


In this webinar you will learn:

  • How to identify your target market/audience

  • How to connect with any potential customer or referral partner

  • How to stay memorable and have people want what you have to offer

  • How to stay sharp and engaging in every conversation


Speaker: Lorraine Howell, author of Give Your Elevator Speech a Lift!

©2016 Business Writing That Counts!

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