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How to find your writer's voice
Writing coaches Mike Consol and Dr. Julie Miller discuss how a person finds the ever-elusive "writer's voice."
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Legal Research and Writing
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Why so many of us hate to write-Click on the image to hear the latest podcast.
We hate to write because we were never taught how to write. Instead, we were schooled by teachers who taught us a bunch of grammatical rules and regulations, then punished us for any infractions committed. So we learned from a very early age to write defensively, to avoid mistakes rather than focus on expression and wordplay. We learned to edit while writing, which is akin to simultaneously pressing the accelerator and brake. It gets us nowhere. This sucked all the joy out of writing right from the start. 
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Email Editing: Tips to Ensure Your Message Is Not Missed

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Hands on Deck

Listen to an engrossing 20 minutes with Dr. Julie of Business Writing That Counts! and Mike Consol, editor, publisher and writing coach as they banter back and forth offering top writing strategies. From the importance of good writing to five essential writing strategies, you will enjoy their conversation about the essence of good writing.

Topics covered:

-Why should you remember the reader?

-What writing trick do professional writers use all the time?

-Why does eliminating ‘there’ can spruce up your writing?

-What can tone do for your writing?