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Fine-tune your writing skills with

one-on-one coaching

Our team of certified coaches is highly qualified — all hold Master's degrees and have experience working with professionals in a wide range of industries. They provide flexible schedules for your busy life. Additionally, we have experts on staff who work specifically with non-native English speakers. 

Are you looking for a writing coach?

We believe in a personal approach when choosing the writing coach that will best serve your needs. Here's how the process works:

  1. Contact our office at 425-485-3221 or email Set-up a date and time to talk to
    Dr. Julie Miller.

  2. During the phone call, you and Dr. Miller will discuss your goals and writing issues. 

  3. Then, Dr. Miller will match you with the best coach to help you achieve your goals. 

You'll be on your way to becoming a more clear and effective writer!

We offer Executive Writing coaching specifically for executives and C-level management that focuses on:

  • Leveraging writing strengths

  • Filling skill gaps

  • Manipulating language for the desired results

  • Analyzing the audience and its expectations

  • Ensuring consistent messaging throughout the organization

  • Increasing managerial effectiveness through better written communication skills, thinking skills, organizational skills, and strategic written directives

As part of our comprehensive training program or as a stand-alone coaching service, our
one-on-one writing coaching is a powerful and encouraging way to:

  • Promote high potentials

  • Fine-tune writing skills

  • Correct bad habits

  • Increase writing effectiveness

  • Quickly upgrade skills

We also offer specialized writing coaching for non-native English speakers, so that they can:

  • Gain more confidence to communicate professionally

  • Avoid common English-usage errors that ruin reputations

  • Convey ideas and information with clarity and precision from the start

  • Proofread and edit with greater ease

"We asked Dr. Julie Miller’s team to assess the writing skills of some of our top Field Sales Leaders. Not only was the turnaround amazingly quick, but I have a much better understanding of these leaders’ skill sets and can help them build skills around how they communicate to the organization, their direct reports and our customers. Thank you Business Writing That Counts!" Kevin, Director. Wireless Advocates

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