What our clients are saying

Business Writing That Counts! book

David F.

Your book is among the best I have ever read. Its method, presentation and content certainly place it high on the list of books written by experts such as Dr. Miller.

I'll be using its principles to assist my students to think and write more coherently and concisely. 

MassMutual Financial Group

I got promoted because of Dr. Julie! Her book helped me rewrite our marketing materials, training programs and recruiting brochures. Her book also helped me communicate more effectively!


Saving time and money is always the bottom line here. We were spending days writing our white papers. Dr. Miller’s numbering system cut our time in half!

Online Writing Courses

Clayton Homes

Email Writing That Counts! was very helpful! This course made me aware of the DO's and DON'Ts of email. Now I have the tools to create the right tone, subject line, and closing.

JPMorgan Chase

The writing system that I learned has benefited me more than I ever anticipated. Your system has been a lifesaver. I still cannot believe I was able to organize weeks’ worth of research and write an eight-page paper in under four hours.

Wells Fargo Legal

I cannot think of a thing you could do to improve your online modules. You move at your own pace. You get instant feedback on the exercises. And, it was fun. Three pretty good features if you ask me! Keep up the good work!

On-Site Workshops

University of Washington, Technology Management MBA program

Idea Maps wow...that whole technique definitely models exactly how I think in terms of networks and nodes...Idea Mapping completely enables me and many engineers to organize our thoughts in a way that makes sense AND saves a TON OF TIME!

Bank of the West

I thought the class provided usable information at a very good pace. This class should be offered again.

Brad Worthley International, Inc.

I tried Idea Mapping on a project I was working on and it worked perfectly! It truly made thinking and planning it much less stressful. Thank you again for the opportunity to learn something new and important. You are great at what you do!

Keynote Speeches

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

We want to THANK YOU for an outstanding presentation. You are such a dynamic speaker with a great sense of humor and presentation style. Very impressive how you introduced yourself to everyone in the room before your presentation, impressing everyone with your eye contact and energetic personality. And of course, doing the same in your presentation. Outstanding!

Vistage (TEC)

Dr. Julie Miller delivered a very insightful and highly interactive session to my Vistage (TEC) group recently, and did an UNBELIEVABLE job...and that is putting it mildly! Julie's experiences, anecdotes and professionalism are compelling! Her presentation if fast paced, humorous and FILLED with practical tips! Besides her main topic, Julie provides a clever twist...she focuses on showing professionals how to reduce their writing time and increase their productivity...a truly value-added EXPERIENCE!

Washington State Financial Officers Conference

The most amazing speaker I've heard in a long time.


Perkins Coie

Attending your webinar, "Didn't You Get My Email?" Crafting Emails That Stand Above the Noise, this morning was an excellent use of my time. Today I will begin implementing no less than a dozen techniques you recommended during your webinar.

City of Seattle

Your webinars are very helpful. I am already putting the rules to work with hopes of making the best use of your training.

Los Angeles County Office of Education

We appreciate your help and the webinar was fabulous!

One-on-One Coaching

WorkCare, Inc.

We used my own writing samples as the subject matter for our session. It was a great learning experience to have someone go through what I've written and point out areas that could be more concise and formatted so the reader can better understand the items I was referencing in my writing.

We also reviewed some proofreading techniques that I am now using. They have made it easier for me to identify space issues and also look for words and/or numbers that my brain tells me are on the page, but they aren't.

Thank you again for this opportunity.

Kevin Barrett, Director. Wireless Advocates

We asked Dr. Julie Miller’s team to assess the writing skills of some of our top Field Sales Leaders. Not only was the turnaround amazingly quick, but I have a much better understanding of these leaders’ skill sets and can help them build skills around how they communicate to the organization, their direct reports and our customers. Thank you Business Writing That Counts!

HomeStreet Bank

I found it very helpful and informative. Overall, a great experience.