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Create clear, crisp, and polished written communication with our proven strategies and techniques.

Why Write "Cost"

When You Can Write "Revenue"?

For over 30 years, more than 750,000 people have learned our techniques to get promoted, close more deals, or save money through dramatically improved writing skills.

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Geared toward busy people who need to produce a polished product quickly, Business Writing That Counts! details a simple but proven system anyone can use to complete the writing process with ease.


  • Create documents that reflect your professionalism

  • Break old writing habits that slow you down

  • Write sales and marketing copy that really sells

  • Reduce your writing time

  • Produce documents that get read

  • Say what you mean in written communication

Stop circling the computer and get writing with Business Writing That Counts!


This practical guide to writing, unlike any other in its field, will show you how to write with ease and confidence.

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I got promoted because of Dr. Julie! Her book helped me rewrite our marketing materials, training programs and recruiting brochures. Her book also helped me communicate more effectively!

MassMutual Financial Group

  Keynote Speaker  

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Dr. Julie Miller, President of Business Writing That Counts!, has presented a variety of dynamic keynote speeches at conferences, round tables, and symposia nationally and internationally. When it comes to the topic of writing, no one can beat Dr. Julie for depth of knowledge and experience.


With compelling ideas, lessons learned and practical strategies, these polished, engaging, and downright funny presentations are customized for your organization. Her high energy and passion for the topic of why words count will make your next event a success.

  We Get Results!  

Case Studies

We helped this premier international economic consulting firm save over $250,000 in one year!

Our custom training helped the IT Department at Snohomish County PUD create reader-focused reports. As a result, the department was able to complete their writing faster and get more of their business cases approved!

Our proven strategies streamlined U.S. Bank's RFP process, saving countless writing hours and hundreds of thousands of dollars!

Ninety-six percent of the JPMorgan Chase compliance team said the quality of their writing had improved after participating in a custom made "Writing for Compliance" workshop.

Carlyle, Inc. participants cut their writing time down anywhere from 10-35%!

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