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No More Perplexing Plurals

Plural words can cast a spell, usually one that trips up even the savviest business writer. Business Writing That Counts! can help you and your employees break the spell and learn how to use plurals properly in any business communication. Read on for a few tips and click the link for a free downloadable PDF with more tips for working with plurals.

Here is an example of how plurals can trip you up and how Business Writing That Counts! helps you go from perplexed to productive:

  • Sometimes, the best way to remember how to add letters to form the plural of a word means you have to speak the word out loud (or at least in your head) because pronunciation counts about as much as spelling. For example, most words that end in -ch (like church) sound like they end in -ch, but others sound like they end in -k (like stomach).

  • Sound out the word to know that to make a plural of words ending in (and sounding like) -ch, you add -es. “The churches in town will host the candidates.” But you don’t add an -es to stomach. Like its sound-alike words that actually end in a k (such as trek), a stomach just needs an -s to become the plural. Just sound it out—or get a quick reminder from our list of tips.

Some words change spelling when they go from singular to plural form, and that can be an important distinction for business writers to remember. Our free downloadable tip sheet lists common examples of plural spelling and sorts plural “problems” based on how a word ends. You can reference the rules quickly and then move on to wrap up your writing project.

Free tips are just the beginning; Business Writing That Counts! offers comprehensive online courses, webinars, and coaching services to help you and your employees improve the understanding of business writing, grammar, and punctuation. The more you know and the more you practice, the easier it is to keep plugging along when you have a tricky plural or other business writing trip-up. Of course, the handy tip sheets we share with our clients, like the one you just downloaded, make quick checks and reminders a snap!

Contact Business Writing That Counts! now at or 425.485.3221 to learn more about our services and success.

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