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If you are tempted to use ChatGPT for your business communications, you might want to ask the same question drug commercials urge viewers to ask their doctor, Is AI right for me? The answer: It depends.

What it can’t do is just as important as what it can. In other words, it’s not a panacea for all your writing tasks, such as writing reports, memos, blogs, and so forth. Nor can it write a book. Well, it can, but no one would read it.

Think of ChatGPT as something that improves what a human does, just faster.

For instance,

  • It can spot ideas, provide dialog, and even provide examples.

  • It can conduct fundamental research on many topics, including scientific ideas and concepts, and even historical events.

  • Ultra useful is its ability to brainstorm marketing strategies or even ideas for your business.

  • You can ask it to create a memo, outline, proofread, or edit text.

  • Another boffo feature is its ability to weigh pros and cons and even provide other viewpoints on your topic.

  • ChatGPT can organize our activities and appointments too. It can even set goals for you. How cool is that!

  • Want to learn a new language for that big business contract you’ve landed? AI can help you acquire conversational proficiency or translate language from and into the target language.

The opportunities for abuse of the software are rampant.

College professors have already begun seeing AI-generated papers. They may fulfill the assignment, but profs are cottoning on to this ruse because the language is so plodding and boring. The program can even generate sentences that look normal but make no sense, as in “There’s currently no source of reality.” Plus, the wording is often verbose, and certain phrases can be overused too.

Caveat: Check all important information, such as dates, names, quotations—anything that can get you into trouble if it’s incorrect. Recently, an attorney had ChatGPT write his court brief. Uh oh, the judge found out that that the program had fabricated all his case citations! Trust, but verify.

Our wordsmiths at can help you use this new form of communication to great advantage. And your writing will never be boring! Call us at 425.485.3221.


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