Avoid These in Email Messages

Email messages constitute a rapid form of written business communication, but text messages they are not! Although brevity makes for better email writing, you have no character or word limit. So take time to compose professional and clear email messages. And when you do, avoid these traps of modern technology: Emoticons (Emojis) and abbreviations. Consider these tips: Don't be too formal, but avoid being informal. For example, use a professional and on-point subject line and begin each message with a greeting (salutation) much as you would for a letter. Once you begin an email chain or have communicated with a client, boss or other stakeholder for some time, you will get to know the style he

Shifting to Video? You Might Still Need Good Business Writers

Recently, Fox Sports announced a move to cut about 20 writer and editor jobs for its online content in favor of hiring more people with video production skills. Facebook announced in 2016 that its content would likely be all video within five years. Advertisers most likely are driving this trend, something you get if you've ever had to sit through a video ad to access your local weather forecast online. Video Might not Match the Written Word Not everyone loves video or the time it takes to load and watch. Despite a move to video-rich digital content, many people still prefer reading text or enjoy text that supplements the video. Video is not the best medium to communicate every topic or bran

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