Four Tips to Re-Build Trust Through Writing

“I wish I could rewind the clock and do it differently.” Bob, CEO of a mid-size organization lamented to his former colleague, Rick. A week earlier he had sent out an internal memo warning that things were about to change. Their entire industry would soon be affected due to emerging government regulations. The day after the memo was sent, worst case scenarios were circulating throughout the company. The gossip mill was in full swing. Fear quickly spread to vendors and customers. Within 48 hours, Bob had hundreds of emails from concerned workers, vendors and customers. “What could you have done differently? You shared the information you had at the time.” Rick earnestly attempted to support

Overused Words

We recently wrote about misused words. But what about tired, overused words and phrases? Take Your Writing to the Next Level! by replacing overused words with action verbs and specific phrases. If you have something to say, just say it! Tired and Boring Words In addition to "good" and "great," writers overuse several superlatives. These include bad, big, quite, and well. Mix up and select alternative words instead. Replace bad with "dubious" or "ineffective," depending on the meaning. After all, an idea isn’t bad, it just might lack details or seem unrealistic. "Quite" falls into the same category as "very" and "really." It's unnecessary. Replace "quite" and a noun with a more precise adject

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