Don’t Dwell on a Draft

At Business Writing That Counts! we believe strongly in using tools like idea mapping to outline writing assignments, or at least brainstorm and corral your main thoughts, themes and points. Even after preparing to write, it’s so easy to get hung up on your first iteration. Often, business writing is critical to the company’s goals or the writer’s career. And receiving a hastily prepared, unedited, incomplete quarterly report should always give a manager pause. But all business writers have deadlines for reports and other communication, plus lots of other tasks to complete during the day. It’s tougher to make writing deadlines, however, if you get hung up on making your first draft “perfect.

In Closing: Improve Email Sign-offs

We’ve spent lots of time on our blog and in our workshops and online courses helping business writers compose better, clearer email messages and writing subject lines that make readers open a message. But like any conversation or first impression, how your email ends really sets the tone for how it’s perceived or whether the reader takes the action you want them to take. Many of us suddenly struggle at the end of an email message, especially when writing to strangers and when the stakes are high, like when applying for a job opening. The key point here is to close with some sort of statement and use of your name. After all, you wouldn’t walk out of a job interview or meeting with your boss w

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