Do You Need to Update Your Email and Online Identities?

Email composition, subject lines, salutations – and even addresses – are critical components of your business writing. With Business Writing that Counts webinars and online coaching, we can improve your email writing skills so you make a better first impression. These days, the first impression customers and potential employers have of you is your email address. For whatever reason, you might still have the same email address you used in high school, college or during your "not-so-serious" years. The same goes for your social media presence. It might be time to take note and update your online identity. Why Worry About Your "Handle"? A recent Wall Street Journal article by Chris Kornelis bro

Five Misused Word Pairs

Some words suffer misuse, abuse and confusion on a regular basis. The longer it’s been since English composition class, the harder it is to remember the rules that guide their use. Or maybe it’s that one letter in the middle that ties up our brains. Here’s a review of misuse and correct use for five favorites: 1. Between/among: Just between you and I, this pair of words is among the most misused by business writers. Just remember that between refers to comparisons of only two, as in my example above. Among refers to a larger group. For example, he is the most qualified among all of the applicants. The only exception to the rule is when you discuss a reciprocal relationship: “An agreement was

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