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Train the Trainer for “Superusers”

In computer applications training, they might be called a ‘Superuser.’ But no matter the name, Train-the-Trainer approaches like the one we offer through our licensing program—complete with certification—set you up to improve employees’ writing skills on demand. By providing intensive business-writing curriculum to one of your employees, we transfer the knowledge so you can access it when you need it and adapt to changing needs.

Here’s How It Works

Whether you choose a star communicator or a trusted manager to be your trained trainer, we provide all the core competencies of our on-point Business Writing That Counts! content. Once certified by us, your trainer can teach our Business Writing That Counts! sessions. When combined with your internal training resources, you’ve got an in-house expert who has the skills, strategies, and materials needed to begin teaching employees right away!

We provide highly relevant content in a self-paced environment and engaged, ongoing support so your internal trainer has more than knowledge and skills, but the confidence, materials and experience to take the wheel.

Depending on the program you choose, this includes webinars and self-paced classes with learner feedback on business writing tools, grammar, punctuation and technical writing. We also take business writing to the next level with advanced skills and tips on writing emails that count. Trainer candidates can observe our certified trainers delivering content for added skills and will receive from six hours to 12 hours of coaching support.

Benefits to You

After your employee or manager becomes certified, you no longer need to shop for a vendor to provide the writing skills that are lacking among your team. You also don’t have to find a time or place where everyone can gather to attend an on-site or online vendor course, nor do you have to pay employees in satellite areas to attend. Your internal trainer can work through existing resources to deliver content as you need it and to employees needing it most.

Once enrolled in the licensing program of your choice and with a certified trainer ready to go, you can enroll an unlimited number of Business Writing That Counts! participants from your organization without paying per-learner fees. With this sort of flexibility, your company can better adapt to unforeseen circumstances, like a pandemic, for example.

Learn more about our licensing program for and how to choose a future licensed trainer on our website. Or call us with your questions at (425)-485-3221.

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