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Be a Stand-up Writer

Is writer's block a problem when you sit down at the computer? Try standing up. That worked for the five well-known authors discussed in this article on Medium's The Mission. If Ernest Hemingway could tap on an old typewriter while standing, you can move your laptop to a counter or bookcase and strike away at the keys. That small change of scenery also can refresh your mind and creative spark. If possible, head to another room or outside on a nice day, even for a few minutes of research or reading for your business writing assignment.

Plus, sitting for extended periods of time is so unhealthy that many employers offer collapsible desks or platforms that enable sitting and standing, or even treadmill desks. Standing desks have been shown to help with weight control, back pain and even increase productivity. You won't burn a lot more calories unless you move too, but you will get a break and a fresh perspective. Set a goal of breaking through a block or writing 300 words before allowing yourself to sit again. Or take a walk for breaktime instead of sipping coffee in the breakroom. Stretching, moving and getting outside can help clear your mind.

Have a Plan

Any good project begins with a plan, and writing is no exception. You need some sort of outline, list of key ideas or even Post-it Notes and flags on background materials. If you can't thrive in chaos, don't try to start a writing project while in a chaotic state, mentally or clutter-wise.

If you're stuck and the main reason is lack of confidence that you can complete the task or know the subject well enough, break the writing project up into smaller tasks. You'll gain confidence and some flow once you feel a little bit of success.

Finally, learn about our tried-and-true method for Business Writing That Counts! clients: map your ideas. Idea mapping is visual brainstorming. Place your main idea in the center of a page and record ideas and supporting points by asking yourself key questions. It takes little time, but saves lots of time and eases writer's block.

Take a Break

Sometimes, you just don't have it in you to write. If you try a few of the strategies in this post and they don't help, give up – but for a short time only! If you're distracted by another deadline or task, take care of it first and return to writing with a clear mind.

Learn more about idea mapping and how to improve your business writing or beat writer's block with Business Writing That Counts! consulting, training, online courses or in-house workshops. And feel free to call and ask us about business writing services at 425-485-3221.

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