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Giving Thanks for Good Writing

It might seem good writing is less important in business with the advent of video and short social media posts, but our team of business writing experts at Business Writing that Counts! knows better. In fact, we believe that good business writing is more important than ever and we're thankful that's so.

Why does writing still have so much relevance? Here are a few reasons, and why you also should be thankful there are resources like our webinars, online courses and licensing program to help you and your employees stand out as savvy communicators.

Digital Means More Writing

If you think about it, everyone who communicates today must be a writer. Text messages, email messages, and social media posts all require business writing skills. Sure, you're not having to compose (and type!) formal letters on paper, but you still must consider the same factors when you prepare and create any digital communication: Who is your audience? What is the main theme or point you want to convey? What action do you want readers to take? Answer these questions, plus throw in all the nuances of punctuation and grammar.

Your business writing now comprises shorter and quicker prose for a digital world, but more often than ever before. To stay current, you must be ready to react and respond in a way that maintains your professional reputation and business goals. You need good writing to accomplish that.

Quality of Content Matters

And that's where gratitude for quality writing comes in. Maintaining a reputation is one thing but reaching sales and marketing goals is another. A global market is possible with online sales and websites, but people will find you only if you help them do so. That means writing for search engine optimization and producing the kind of quality content on your site and social media that answers customers' questions, engages readers and gathers new followers. Don't rely on tricks and algorithms alone – be sure to include relevant, informative, and well-written content.

Errors Can Go Viral

Good quality writing can go viral, but so can big-time errors. Tick off a customer or make a hilarious error in your writing and you might see your company go viral for the wrong reason. You can't control others' online behavior, but you can learn to walk the line between promoting interest and provoking anger or ridicule. Be thankful for the chance to do all this right with good writing.

Take Employees' Writing to the Next Level

You might have several people in your organization who post to social media or send text and email messages to customers. Others might work in marketing, sales and customer service. They all can benefit from good business writing skills training. And you don’t have to pull them all together once a quarter for training on various business writing topics.

Be grateful that we have you covered. For 30 years, Business Writing That Counts! has researched and tested our business writing strategies with our Fortune 500 clients. We are ready to share them with you in a cost-effective way through our licensing program.

Through licensing, you can scale our training to suit your needs and gain comprehensive training and mentoring for in-house trainers. We'll even help you select these trainers who can be there on a daily basis to support the training and quality of your employee's business writing.


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