5 Business English Essentials for Non-native English Speakers

English is now only second to Mandarin as the most spoken language on the planet. When international business meetings occur, English usually is the default language for presentations and written materials. As non-native English speakers interact in an increasingly international and connected business world, they must grapple with the nuances of the often complex and tricky rules of the English language. Here are five essential considerations or skills to conquer when learning English as a non-native: 1. Start with a polished resume and social media presence. Spend some time reviewing resumes of your mentors and leaders in your field, comparing skills they highlight, how verbose their descri

Social Media Spotlight: LinkedIn

This month’s social media spotlight is on the platform designed for business networking, LinkedIn. The publicly held company was launched in May 2003. During the first quarter of 2015, the company reported that it had 364 million members around the world. Because LinkedIn serves as a virtual networking tool, it helps businesspeople connect with one another for hiring and sharing resources. You can create a group of contacts, much like you gather friends in Facebook, and maintain them in a sort of online Rolodex. Even better, you’ll receive updates on their promotions or job changes and can send messages to one another. Since its more modest beginning as a site to facilitate networking for ma

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