Gaps in Grammar Skills

You and your employees don’t have to diagram sentences to brush up on essential grammar skills. But you should recognize how much grammar counts in business writing. When speaking, you pause for effect or indicate details with gestures or other aids. Writing presents an entirely different communication arena – one that relies heavily on grammar. Every business writer might not need to know the entire range of grammar skills, although having them is a plus. It’s more important to understand basic rules that count the most, and most often are broken. For example, finding agreement between subject and verb is essential. Take a look at the sentence you just read. Once you identify the subject (a

Write Email Messages at Third-grade Level for Success

You want your email message read, and usually you want a response. That’s especially true in marketing messages. How do you increase your read and respond rate? One way to ensure email responses is to write at the third-grade level, say the people who created the Boomerang mail plug-in. The reason isn’t necessarily related to literacy, but to simplicity. It’s just too tempting to launch into long, convoluted sentences when composing email messages. After all, it’s important to get all of your points across and avoid mistakes or inaccuracies. But writing at third-grade level involves using simple sentences. In fact, shorter sentences seem to equate to better retention and response. Of course

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