Is Good Grammar Gone?

Five Reasons Why Grammar Still Matters Digital communication has shortened messages and made writing less formal in many situations, including business writing. Despite changes to how we write, or how many words it takes, grammar is no less important. In fact, one could argue that even more emphasis on grammar is needed at a time when attention declines and message composition speed rises. More concise or casual tones might now rule in every type of communication from news reports to company blogs, but that doesn’t mean business writers should forget grammar. There’s a big difference between casual and sloppy. And sloppy writing makes people think of poor or sloppy quality in products or ser

Five Reasons To Improve Your Email Writing Skills

Email has become the most important vehicle for business communication. When done well, email messages can increase sales and goodwill or communicate essential information. But poorly written messages can lead to misunderstandings, damage relationships or worse: They won’t get read at all. 1. Readers judge email as they do any business communication. Email is more than a way to send an attachment or schedule a meeting; it’s more or less replaced the internal memorandum and the letter mailed to clients or customers. Just because you spent little time on composing the message doesn’t mean the reader forgives improper grammar, misspelled words or confusing thoughts! 2. Save time. Speaking of ti

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